Current Exhibition at MOP Projects – Special Moves

April 23, 2013

18th April – 5th May 2013

Special Moves
Artists Arryn Snowball, Christian Flynn, Leah Emery, Julie Fragar, Miles Hall and Jonathan McBurnie curator

Special Moves features new work by Julie Fragar, Christian Flynn, Leah Emery, Miles Hall, Arryn Snowball and Jonathan McBurnie. The exhibition explores the role of broader drawing as a conversation with- or resistance to- the digital zeitgeist. Co-ordinated by McBurnie, the exhibition is arranged as a kind of exegesis- over the last decade, the artists have had direct effects on each other’s practice, and this is reflected within the relationships between the work as well as the artists themselves.

Jonathan McBurnie is a PhD candidate at the Sydney College of the Arts, with a special interest in contemporary drawing. McBurnie has exhibited extensively in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in solo and group exhibitions. McBurnie considers himself the runt of the Special Moves litter, following the trailblazing national (and international) exhibition history of Fragar, Flynn, Emery, Hall and Snowball. McBurnie is also working on a graphic novel, an opera and a screenplay, and is an editor and contributor to