Bryden Williams wins inaugural Chippendale New World Art Prize

May 2, 2013

Artist Bryden Williams heads to China to partake in the first arts residency of the $100,000 10 year arts initiative

Sydney, 30 April 2013 – NSW based artist, Bryden Williams, 23, has been awarded the inaugural Chippendale New World Art Prize, the first year of a 10-year $100,000 arts initiative created by the Chippendale Creative Precinct’s (CCP). This July, Bryden will take his past meets future alterations of the material and the familiar to Beijing, to partake in a $10,000 art residency at the Red Gate Residency in Beijing, China for 3 months with all expenses paid.

The winning work entitled ‘Techno Fire’ (2013), integrates various multimedia sculptures and moving image works to create a simulated luminescent experience that explores the roles of both natural and artificial light in a technologically saturated environment. It explores the relationship between our primal roots and our modern constructed reality by encapsulating the prize’s 2013 theme of ‘Revitalisation’ and ‘Creating a New World’ through the investigation of primal infatuations and our dependence on fire and means of progress.

Winning artist, Bryden Williams who lives in Glebe invites his audience to reflect on our evolution towards the technologically facilitated world we live in today.

“To cook, to heat, to defend, to grow and to destroy. Fire is responsible for our current technological era.”

CCP Founder and Director of NG Art Gallery Nicky Ginsberg said that the judging panel unanimously chose ‘Techno Fire’ as the overall winner for its ingenuity in combining the themes of the Chippendale New World Art Prize and with carefully considered objects in the creation of his installation. Although Bryden’s work clearly stood out, the judging panel was overwhelmed by high calibre of deeply considered work that was entered into the Prize.

‘It was fantastic to see the number of emerging artists that entered the Prize and we were very impressed with the unique cross section of thought provoking works. The CCP is very excited about the inaugural prize and look forward to watching the initiative evolve over the coming years.”

‘We are delighted to be able to offer the very talented Bryden Williams this life-changing opportunity to further her practice and gain international recognition in a thriving arts hub such as Beijing, China. The arts residency at Red Gate Residency will allow him to soak up all of the cultural experiences and inspiration that Beijing has to offer, as well as joining an international community of other artists.” Ms Ginsberg said.

“The Chippendale Creative Precinct is incredibly grateful to the benefactor of the prize, Dr. Stanley Quek, Chairman of Frasers Property Australia and CEO of Greencliff Realty for making this incredible prize a reality.”

As a passionate patron of the arts, Dr. Quek has entrusted the Chippendale Creative Precinct to foster the next generation of emerging artists through this exciting 10 year arts initiative.

The acclaimed judging panel, which included, Dean of Sydney College of the Arts, Professor Colin Rhodes; Head of Design at UTS, Dr. Lawrence Wallen, and Director and Curator of NG Art Gallery and Beams Festival Director, Nicky Ginsberg, also chose 40 finalists’ work to showcase.

The winner and 40 other finalists will be exhibited as part of the Chippendale New World art Prize: Exhibition of finalist’s at NG Art Gallery and three other Chippendale gallery spaces (x88 Gallery, NG Art Pop-Up Gallery and Central Park Display Pavilion) from Wednesday 1 May 2013.

Visitors are encouraged to pick up an exhibition map at any one of the gallery locations and follow the ‘Chippendale art trail’ to visit all four galleries, taking in all of the finalists work.

Other notable works entered will be exhibited at the 2013 Beams Arts Festival that celebrates Chippendale as a cultural arts precinct of Sydney.