Opening at MOP Projects Thursday 9th May

May 7, 2013

MOP Projects: Opening Thursday 09.05.2013 6 – 8 pm
Gallery 1
Lorna Grear

Does randomness exist? Is being random a philosophical conundrum, a playful idea based on chance or a buzz word used by Gen Z? For Lorna Grear randomness means abandoning her carefully constructed geometric formulas to present her new body of work – pop up painterly events. Some works rest heavily on pseudo Expressionism whilst others are moments of casual emotional responses. Overall the result is an uncanny body of sculptural and painterly entities that celebrate the process of lateral thinking.

Lorna Grear is a Sydney based artist who uses paintings, collages and sculptural relief works to emphasise ideas of process, order and the painterly sensation.

Lorna has held numerous solo exhibitions including at the infamous Tailor Room Gallery, Sydney in 1998 – 2003 and at Peloton Gallery in 2005, 2009 and 2011. Other galleries where her work has been shown include, Imperial Slacks, Herringbone, SNO, Phatspace, Zitlip, Sheffer, UTS Gallery and Firstdraft. Lorna’s work has been selected for the Portia Geach Memorial Prize, The Fisher’s Ghost Open Award, Mosman Art Prize and the Liverpool Art Prize.

In her independent curatorial practice Lorna co- curated ‘Here is a Fresh Egg’, as part of a collective in Zitlip Gallery, 1994 and curated Homefront at Sheffer Gallery, Sydney in 2010 and The Baker’s Dozen at UTS Gallery, Sydney in 2012. Prior to this her time was spent in London, 1987- 1993, initiating community arts groups, including Scarecrow Tiggy- an artist run co-operative in Camberwell. She is a graduate of both Sydney College of the Arts (BVA, Honours, and MVA) and The National Art School, Sydney (Dip Fine Arts). Lorna currently teaches art history and painting at South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE

press image Bone Marrow Lorna Grear 2013
Image: Bone Marrow, 56 cm x 70 cm
oil and ply on canvas, 2013

Gallery 2
From Beneath the Velvet Curtain
Dean Tirkot

Dean Tirkot has developed the first installation of a new body of work that focuses on the seemingly strange, but beautiful phenomenon of gender-ambiguous characters created by some of the theatrical crafts more evoking queer performance artists, including Glitta Supernova, Betty Grumble, Aaron Manhattan, MC Gaff E and Dallas Dellaforce.

Dean’s large-scale photographic portraits reveal a glimpse of the real person behind the manifested façade; the person the audience never gets to see, to give an unusual insight into the performer’s conscious transformation.

While the stage performance is always hidden by movement – smoke and mirrors – this exhibition will lift a corner of the velvet curtain, and reveal some of the truth beneath the illusion, and in that mix of fact and fiction deliver an insight into an ever stranger thing: the world of metamorphosis.

Beside each photograph, to augment that strange sense of dislocation from reality, will be a short piece by writer Wil Gritten. His mission is to catch the elusive essence of that transmutation and to amplify it, to grasp and maintain the momentary swirling eddy of change and to describe its surreal purity: the mask half on, before the transformation is complete.

Dean Tirkot is a Sydney-based photographic portrait artist who is currently using a large format 8×10” Deardoff field camera to capture unprecedented sharpness and clarity. The intention of this slow and cumbersome process is to achieve an honest and un-manipulated aesthetic that reveals beauty in the realism of his subjects, to contrast the mainstream conformities of superficial idealism and perceived, aspirational beauty.

Dean is currently studying at the Sydney College of the Arts where he is completing his MSA. In 2011 he was awarded the Kings Cross portrait prize, and his work has been a finalist in the Doug Moran prize 2011, 2009 and in 2007, when he received the highly commended award. Simultaneously he has been a finalist in 2011 and 2009 in Art & About’s Sydney Life exhibition. Since 1997 Dean’s work has appeared in numerous group shows, as well as commercial editorial and advertising mediums domestic and worldwide.

(Wil Gritten is a Welsh author living in Bondi, and the author of Letting Go, The Long Dark and What Go Around Come Around, Kid.)

Dean Tirkot Headon01_800
Image: Dean Tirkot, Betty Grumble, 2013
Archival Ink Jet print, 150cm x 120 cm