MCLEMOI GALLERY – Rhonda Dee – Plundering the Verge

January 20, 2014

Rhonda Dee – Plundering the Verge
Opening 31st January at MCLEMOI GALLERY

Plundering the Verge is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and mixed-media works which explore human perception, consciousness and the power of belief systems, at the seam of a new world. Rhonda Deeʼs new work is an extension of her on-going investigation of the body in
transformation. While a few works depict aspects of the body outright, most pieces allude to the interior, hidden realms of the body, or even the absence of the body altogether. Processes of fragmentation in the works become a way of combining deeply felt sensory impressions with a hallucinatory vividness.

Thresholds remain a thematic thread throughout this exhibition. According to Dee “The idea of crossing a “threshold” is pivotal to the human psyche, creating movement between one state of consciousness, and another. Boundaries, borders, thresholds, passages, are all constructs punctuating our experience of the world both personally and publicly. As we pass through the world, the world also passes through us, sometimes quietly, sometimes turbulently. Many of the works can be experienced as metaphorical or physical “gateways”, which harbor the potential to be experienced as poignant markers in an unpredictable future.”

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