Life in Chippendales Heart

November 30, 2014

Chippendale has always had a soul of its own. It is incredible to not only observe the area’s huge transformations, but to have been inexorably involved in the unstoppable growth of our new Chelsea of New York, is an astounding privilege and joy.

We live and revolve around the centre of Chippendale, taking in the events of the everyday as they unfold around Chippendale Green. It is a beating heart – balanced in the midst of amazing architectural developments to our local skyline. Often we are privy to the music of tumbling cocktail shakers as young bartenders come to practice their juggling displays on the lush grass.

The weekends are alive on the Green – the bi-weekly Brewery Yard Markets is an event for all who wish to venture for a taste of artisan foods and craftsmanship of the stallholders.

Brewery Yard Markets

Congratulations to One Central Park for being awarded the Best Tall Building in the World by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat! We are so proud to have this aesthetically brilliant and environmentally sustainable, iconic building in our neighbourhood. Find out more here.

Central Park