Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

January 17, 2015

At the annual awarding of the CNWAP, one talented individual is given the opportunity to undertake a residency at a new, exciting international location. Not only is this an exceptional opportunity for our prize winners, it also marks the foundation of fresh international connections – building strong links between the CCP and partnering international arts establishments.

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, is an exceptional institution, founded for the development of research and education within the Arts and Science. For 2015, the winner of the CNWAP will undertake their prize residency at the Ionion Center. The opportunity to collaborate and create in this inspiring location is one we are exceptionally honoured to provide.

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Over the three years of the CNWAP so far, we have constructed bridges which stretch to China, through the Red Gate Residency in Beijing, and Joya: arte+ ecologia in the Andalusian mountains of Spain. Now the CCP has a link to Greece. These ventures lay the foundations for the growth of emerging artistic practice and broaden the CCP’s prospects for international partnerships.