PHENOMENA – The New 2015 Collective Theme for CNWAP and BEAMS

January 17, 2015

The Chippendale Creative Precinct would like to wish you a Happy New Year and share with you our bright new vision for the year ahead! Wishing all a fabulous start and an abundant 2015!

Without further ado we would like to officially announce 2015’s collective theme for the Chippendale New World Art Prize and BEAMS Arts Festival. Phenomena, a word with significant origins in Greek language and literature, has risen as the theme for 2015.

Now is the time for all creative practitioners to begin crafting inventive new work for the CNWAP and the BEAMS Art’s Festival. For those who make up the diverse collective of creative visionaries interested in being part of these two most exciting events on the Sydney cultural calendar, we look forward to receiving your submissions.

This year’s creative brief calls for creative practitioners to investigate and pursue their interpretation or realisation of a phenomena encompasses.

The word Phenonema, much like the vastly intricate communities we live in, is an exceptionally multifaceted idea. It is not tethered any singular idiom. In circumnavigating monochromatic classification we encourage creatives and thinkers to expressively investigate and build works which illuminate the multiverse that is Phenomena. To traverse the magnificent creative maelstrom of opportunity inherent in the concept and produce works which push the breadth of the physical, metaphoric and phenomenological definitions of what it means to exist and create. The Chippendale New World Art Prize and BEAMS Arts Festival are events which highlight the scope of phenomenal innovation – where mediums, ideas and artistic practice broaden to new forms and places, beyond previous conception.

Read the Phenomena creative brief – click here