CNWAP 2015 Opening Night Highlights

April 14, 2015

The CNWAP opening was a brilliant night for all – here are the snaps and snippets to prove it!

“I received an email today from the Mayor of Kefalonia in Greece…(it) was very touching, very heartfelt. So tonight, when I received that letter, it said to me that we are getting known, in a really interesting way, globally and that is very, very exciting because we’ve been working very hard towards achieving that. I really feel that Chippendale is now recognized as a very important arts center in Australia.”

Nicky Ginsberg, Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) President


“Chippendale has a great history in art. It’s got 18 galleries and of course, we feel that to be part of the community, we should contribute.”

Dr. Stanley Quek of Frasers Property and 2015 CNWAP Judge


“(I’m) totally stoked. It was an awesome feeling. It’s really lovely to be appreciated for what you do. (Beckham) is charcoal drawing on Stonehenge paper and it’s concerned with consumerism and the cult of celebrity and the disposable nature of the world we live in today. It took a long time to draw and it drove me crazy a lot of the time.”

Alun Rhy Jones, Highly Commended for ‘Beckham’


The CCP and all their gorgeous girls! The hardworking team were thrilled to celebrate the CNWAP with artists and audience alike.

Delight abounds as the audience makes the rounds of the 3 galleries of the CNWAP.

Gallery of highlights from the CNWAP 2015.