Testimonials from our dedicated BEAMS interns/assistant curators

August 20, 2015

Aby Dotulung
Being involved in a creative, collaborative work environment where I can bounce ideas off other like-minded people for a fantastic festival that brings the local community together to celebrate art, performance, and music is probably my favourite thing about working in the arts! The opportunity to do this is what makes working for BEAMS absolutely perfect considering the vibrancy and variety of what’s on offer at the festival.

From creative workshops to art, sound and light installations, to live performances and walking tours that are family friendly, engaging and free, BEAMS gives the City of Sydney and members of the community outside of the local community an opportunity to engage intimately and joyfully with the upcoming talent of today and I’m just so honoured and excited to be a part of it!

Claudia Howard
Why am I excited to be a part of BEAMS 2015? I am excited because i have the opportunity to be surrounded by a collective of creative people who inspire the minds of all of us. Who’s intentions are to expose many to the power of art and the power of community based events.

BEAMS has the ability to reach out and engage with audiences on a massive scale, while focusing on the personal connections creatives have with their own work. This combination is very effective because it recognises the importance of art in this city, and helps it grow and flourish into something so big and so immense.

BEAMS is exciting because it is real and reflective of true artistic ideas and celebrates an array of diverse artistic talent.

Maren Cruz

I am so proud to be a part of such a fantastic event this year. The BEAMS Arts Festival really is a celebration of what Chippendale stands for: the new, the reimagined, the innovative and the exciting.

The art we’re including in the festival are works that truly engage its community, allowing the visitors to become a part of the night, to walk into the creativity of others, to be inspired, but most of all, to enjoy what Sydney’s artistic community has to offer.