Indigo Hanlee & Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell win CNWAP 2016

June 6, 2016

Indigo Hanlee & Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell win Chippendale New World Art Prize 2016

Sydney artists Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill (Lightwell) have been awarded the 2016 Chippendale New World Art Prize for their interactive video installation, dyeing breath (2016).

In the fourth year of CNWAP, Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill (Lightwell) will take their concepts to Assisi, Italy to partake in a $10,000 arts residency at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle for three months, all expenses paid. Previous CNWAP winners have travelled to Beijing, Spain and Greece to practise their craft and exhibit in their host country.

About the winning work

Lightwell is an art and media design studio based in Chippendale. They combine new technologies with art to make responsive environments for public spaces.

dyeing breath is an unveiling of our environment’s ever-present spirit through a three-screen video installation. As the landscape exhales, plumes of brightly coloured smoke reveal a hidden life force. These vibrant breaths hang starkly against their environment in moving clouds of rich colour – the invisible has been made visible and we are reminded that the world we live in is alive.

These videos are turned into a program that can be manipulated through an iPad. Visitors can interact with the program to enter a world of bright hues, warped sounds and new perspectives.