Explore Chippendale Food and Wine Safari

March 1, 2017

 food safari

Earth to foodies near and far!

Following the success of last year’s Food and Wine Safari, Nicky Ginsberg, founder and President of the CCP, is delighted to announce the re-launch of this exciting opportunity to sample some exquisite delicacies from award-winning restaurants around the Chippendale.

Curious to discover the treasures that Kensington street has to offer? A vision of  Greencliff’s Executive Chairman Dr. Stanley Quek, the street is home to industrial structures that were once vacant and hollow but are now filled with life, where our tenants welcome curious visitors. The streets of Chippendale are dotted with premium cafes, bars and restaurants, some of which you’ll have the chance to savour on this sumptuous safari.

Guests can purchase a one-day passport that will allow them to taste rare and delicious finds from all around the globe. The Safari offers a tantalising taster of four local culinary experiences along Kensington Street, as well as exclusive audiences with internationally renowned chefs.

Transport your taste buds and satiate your senses! Let esteemed former food editor of the Daily Telegraph, Grant Jones, take you on a leisurely stroll through Chippendale’s laneways. Equipped with a wealth of food knowledge, Jones will delve into the minds of the internationally renowned chefs who grace the suburb with their Michelin-starred cuisine.

Starting at the meeting point at Olio located on Kensington Street, Sydney’s hippest eat street and culinary hot spot, spend the day mingling with like-minded guests who enjoy the finer things in life. Meet the chefs and pick their brains with your most pressing and curious questions, as you feast on their tasty treats.

Meander through the well-loved, well-blogged haunts of Bistrot Gavroche, LP’s Quality Meats and Handpicked Cellar Door.

Prepare yourself for an indulgent day of discussion, whilst sampling the gourmet goodness that Chippendale has to offer, earn about the inspiration behind a number of intriguing menus, and take away some sought after recipes to try out yourself!

Reflect on which restaurants you just have to re-visit, then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the streets nooks and crannies that take your fancy, and get lost in our cultural hub.

What could be better than that?

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“This afternoon’s program helped me work out how to access the location and to see the many options available there. I will return with friends now I know what it is all about. Yes I would attend another Food Safari, as I found it an excellent program. Thank you for organising it all!”

“My partner and I had a really lovely time and planning to return to those places for dinner and/or a drink. We live in central park, so we sometimes don’t really appreciate what we have next to us because of our busy lifestyle. So it was definitely eye opening and great to know what’s coming up especially.”

Save the date: Saturday 11 March, 3-5pm

* Must be over 18 to attend