Explore Chippendale: Food and Wine Safari – June

April 27, 2017

We’re back!

After the roaring success of our March culinary extravaganza Explore Chippendale: Food and Wine Safari, we’re loosening our belts to do it all again in June!

The Chippendale Creative Precinct invites you to join us Saturday 3 June as we sample Chippendale’s best Asian eateries- every spice lover’s dream!

This time around we’re looking to the East as guests are taken on a journey through downtown Kensington Street where dumplings reign and spices linger in the air. Sydney is home to a wealth of authentic Asian cuisine and Kensington Street is no stranger to fresh Vietnamese, spicy Thai, aromatic Chinese and Japanese-fusion.

  1. Eastside Grill
  2. Holy Duck
  3. Viet
  4. Mekong

Guests can purchase a passport for the afternoon that will allow them to sample Sydney’s best asian delicacies from the classic peking duck pancakes at Holy Duck to exquisite Laotian dessert delicacies at Mekong. The Explore Chippendale: Food and Wine Safari offers a tantalising taster of the plentiful local Asian-inspired culinary experiences, and invites you to gather tidbits of insider knowledge from some of Chippendale’s most notable chefs.

First stop is Eastside Grill, where Chef Stanley Wong’s culinary expertise has been applauded in restaurants around the world, including the famed Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and opening Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market in New York City as Executive Chef. His impressive culinary experience and cosmopolitan inspiration is evident in his menu at Eastside Grill, which is shaped by his experiences in New York and infused with the distinctive flavour of the traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal grill.

Guests are also treated to a taste of Holy Duck!, brought to you by the Kings of modern Chinese cuisine, Chefs Gallery. Best known for their art of transforming traditional Chinese dishes into modern favourites, Chefs Gallery have not failed to deliver with their latest venture. Holy Duck! is a nod to the joys of street food, modernising combinations whilst staying true to top quality produce and exciting traditional flavours. A true showcase of next-level Chinese BBQ.

Next up, sample Chef Tiw Rakarin’s incredible fusion dishes at Mekong. The culinary terrain crosses entrees, shared mains and desserts to map out recipes that generations have passed through the Indochine provinces. Take a culinary journey as you drift down the menu from Burma cloud country, trace the Laos border, wake up to Thai sunrises and gilded Cambodian pagodas, and wade through rice paddies in Vietnam, all without leaving the table.

And speaking of Vietnam, the tour wraps up in Chef Rakarin’s other exciting venture, Viet. Showcasing the delicate fragrances that speak of the undulating culinary topography of Vietnam, Viet draws from one of the world’s healthiest cuisines, founded on fresh ingredients, full-bodied broths and pungent spices.

Treat yourself to this incredible range of Asian-inspired dishes on your doorstep! Your taste buds will thank you.

Save the date: Saturday 3rd of June
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Meeting place: Eastside Grill, Level 1, The Old Rum Store, 2-10 Kensington Street, Chippendale
Tickets: $75pp

Places are limited so book your ticket today!
** Guests must be over 18 to attend

View video from the last Food and Wine Safari.


“I especially enjoyed the talks by the chefs and wine makers. I will look forward to trying out the recipes so generously offered. I also enjoyed sampling the food and wine on offer. I had not visited Kensington St before but was keen to try it out. This afternoon’s program helped me work out how to access the location and to see the many options available there. I will return with friends now I know what it is all about. Yes I would attend another Food Safari, as I found it an excellent program. Thank you for organising it all.”

“The highlight for us was meeting and speaking with the chefs, which is a privilege! And yes, we’d happily attend another tour.”

“Thank you for Saturday. My partner and I had a really lovely time and planning to return to those places for dinner and/or a drink. We live in central park, so we sometimes don’t really appreciate what we have next to us because of our busy lifestyle. So it was definitely eye opening and great to know what’s coming up especially. I love that we got to have the exclusive time with the venues/chefs/hosts away from the crowded public, where it became more intimate and more interactive.”