A New Vision for Chippendale

Sydney pulses with the spirit of its creative individuals, and we envision Chippendale to be one of the driving forces behind this pulse. As the creative heart of Sydney, our vision to make Chippendale the next arts mecca of Sydney is well underway.

We cement the dynamism of Chippendale’s creative talent on a foundation of community events: BEAMS Arts Festival and the Chippendale New World Art Prize, Explore Chippendale  Free Gallery Walking Tours, exhibition spaces in Kensington Contemporary 1 & 2 & The Old Rum Store, and open-air events on Kensington Street, such as the Art and Design Showcase,  Sydney Open (Sydney Living Museums), Spring Delights Day, Christmas Bazaar and Chinese New Year.

We foster a friendly professional network within our CCP membership. Our members are warmly invited to Creative Connect, a networking event which joins the extended hands of most formidable enterprises, taking place 3 times a year.

The residents and young professionals of Chippendale place a demand for greater lifestyle and recreational choice, as do international and domestic visitors. The district has grown and continues to grow, sprouting wildly like greenery from concrete.

With new developments and businesses keen to place their stake in this suburb, our vision is translated into the following goals of:

The City of Sydney and Destination NSW has embraced the CCP, supporting our community-driven initiatives, and recognising the fertile grounds for a creative hub – one that will foster artistic and economic growth and propel Sydney onto the world stage.

Come, explore, create and participate. Let Chippendale be the setting for your artistic or entrepreneurial aspirations, and help us showcase the creative culture that Chippendale will be known for.

That’s our vision.

Join us and we can help you achieve yours.