BIO – Nicky Ginsberg

Biography | Nicky Ginsberg

Formidable Sydney art personality Nicky Ginsberg is the modern-day Renaissance woman.

After migrating from London and attending the University of Sydney to study a BA in Art History, Nicky nurtured her artistic intuition and established the NG Art Gallery and the much-loved Mission Restaurant Bar in 2007, later reborn as small bar Chip Off the Old Block, the local evening watering hole.

Atop this nightlife hive rested her gallery – the first commercial art gallery in Chippendale. Sequestered in a Chippendale alley, this Gothic Revival cathedral folded its wings in 2015 to resettle in Kensington Contemporary, a refurbished Federation-style terrace house on heritage-listed Kensington Street, in the hub of Chippendale.

Passionate about the arts, Nicky has committed over 25 years to showcase a stunning spectrum of work spanning from young talent to established artists. Many of her artists’ works are now held in major public institutions in Australia as well as private collections both nationally and internationally.

Her artistic nous places her on prestigious arts panels and curatorial assignments when her schedule allows including the FraserStudios Visual Arts Residency Program 2008 – 2009, the 2009 – 2010 CarriageArtworks cultural panel, the Chippendale New World Art Prize 2013 – 2016 and the Hornsby Art Prize 2015.

But this professional prowess extends far beyond curatorial bounds.

“Since the introduction of the Chippendale Creative Precinct in 2010, this gritty, central neighbourhood has been turning heads, as top chefs and artists fill the open spaces.”

As Broadsheet Sydney reports, Nicky has long been at the forefront of an urban renaissance. Her founding of the Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) in 2010 recognised a seedling network of multidisciplinary talent and innovative business in a formerly dismissed corner of Sydney.

This organisation taps into full-blooded creative pulse that animates through the streets of Chippendale. With a growing membership community, Nicky summons these creatives to a roundtable of discussion and collaboration.

nicky_ginsberg_web Since 2012, such members, sponsors and partners have helped execute BEAMS Arts Festival; a one-night event which unites the laneways of Chippendale in a luminous interplay of artistic ventures. The mid-September celebration has grown in a soaring trajectory, not only in scale but also in attendance, boasting a 30,000 strong audience in 2016. Now Creative Director of Kensington Street, Nicky has launched a slew of initiatives to activate this street as Sydney’s newest  art, food and lifestyle destination: Art & Design showcases, market bazaars, Chinese New Year celebrations, pop-up tenancies. She plays hostess to an overwhelming reception from national and international media as far reaching as the USA, Asia and Europe, including arriving famils from London, her land of origin. Needless to say, news of her success has come full circle. Nicky’s vision, collaborative efforts and indefatigable spirit ensure her ongoing legacy from NG Art Gallery to Kensington Contemporary, the Chippendale Creative Precinct, BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale New World Art Prize, Kensington Street events and the vast array of other creative initiatives established in her name. She sits at the height of a revival movement, watching Chippendale’s gentrification unfold before her. From her old sojourn in Little Queen Street to her lively presence on Kensington Street, Nicky Ginsberg reigns over her Chippendale domain with passion, focus and above all, love for the arts.