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Frasers Property – Central Park

Central Park Display Pavilion 80 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

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Frasers Property – Central Park

Central Park is set to become an icon of 21st Century living, helping Sydney stake a claim as one of the world’s great urban destinations. Spectacularly located ‘downtown’, at the southern edge of the CBD, Central Park is a $2 billion urban village with a beautiful, spacious park at its heart – an exceptional destination for living, working, meeting friends, shopping, dining out and relaxing.

With 11 buildings, 1,800 apartments and a lively collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, laneways, terraces and offices, Central Park transforms the old Kent Brewery in Chippendale into an intelligent interplay of buildings and public spaces, and raises the benchmark for sustainable living globally.

Designed by a world-leading team of architects in Sydney, London, Paris and Copenhagen, Central Park is inspired by the people of Sydney, and its spacious, landscaped gardens welcome nearby communities into its heart. Upon completion, Sydney will realize its destiny as a city of unrivalled beauty, iconic architecture, and the highest sustainability standards.

As Australian artist Lloyd Rees once said, “A city is the greatest work of art possible”. This has never been more true than at Central Park, which enlarges our sense of what’s possible – now and in the future.

Central Park provides an incredible setting for some of Sydney’s most exciting public artworks. Art is the perfect stimulus for conversation and ideas, so Central Park will be a place where people come to be engaged, inspired and entertained. Its art collection will foster a connection between our city’s past, present and future, and reminds us that we belong to a legacy that is much larger than ourselves. Ultimately the most eye-catching artworks at Central Park will belong to its permanent collection, including Patrick Blanc’s living walls and Yann Kersale’s floating light display, which adorn the façades at One Central Park by Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

Guided by Sydney artists and art consultants Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford, Central Park’s public art collection will welcome curious Sydney-siders into an area that was hidden from public view for 150 years. Jennifer and Michaelie are now commissioning artworks that celebrate the alchemy, flux and distillation that once took place inside the old brewery that originally occupied Central Park. “The Public Art Strategy will elucidate the soul of Central Park’s past and give expression to the spirit of its future,” says Jennifer.

Central Park’s $8million Public Art collection will begin to appear on hoardings, walls and cranes over the coming months and years.

Frasers Property has opened up three vacant warehouses on Kensington Street to support the local artists, dancers, photographers and performers who make such an invaluable contribution to the city’s cultural scene.

Called FraserStudios, these warehouses have huge windows and high ceilings, which make them fabulous spaces in which to paint, draw, sculpt, dance or perform. Studio 10 is a three-story warehouse offering 10 visual art workspaces, with free 3 month visual arts residencies provided free by Frasers Property. Next door, there’s a gallery-style space for exhibitions, installations and gatherings, and a rehearsal studio for actors, dancers and choreographers.

These warehouses would otherwise lie unused during Central Park’s construction phase. By donating these spaces to local artists, Frasers Property hopes to nurture Chippendale’s reputation as Sydney’s urban art mecca.

Managed by Queen Street Studio, a not for profit local arts management company, FraserStudios opened in September 2008 and will remain open until December 2011. Queen Street Studio manages free three-month and six-month artist’s residencies at FraserStudios, proudly supported by Frasers Property with additional funding from Arts NSW, the City of Sydney and Queen Street Studio.