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Atelier Aioli

2-6 Brown street Newtown NSW

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Atelier Aioli

ATELIER AIOLI is the creative baby born in 2015 to architect Olivier Solente and industrial designer Alinta Lim as a response to the common craving of a more hands on and tactile design experience outside of their professional lives.

As a new experimental jewellery label based in Sydney, Atelier Aioli is sometimes a self indulgent exercise into materialising ideas of pieces we would like to wear but cannot find. But mostly Atelier Aioli is pure fun and joy of making. We relish exploring processes that allow small-scale local production with increasing accessibility and fast turn over. Yet the intimacy and preciousness of jewellery is appealing because it allows the object to establish a lasting connection with the wearer, perhaps in the same way an architect would hope their building relates to the end clients. We hope those who wear our pieces experience the same fun and joy in wearing them as we do in making them.

Atelier Aioli pays homage to the great architects, artists, designers as well as the urban nature which inspire us in our daily practice.
We hope you enjoy it!