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Boston University Sydney Program

15-25 Regent Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008

02 8396 7300

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Boston University Sydney Program

The Boston University Sydney Program is currently celebrating over 20 years in operation having commenced in 1992. Over this period, almost 4,000 students from Boston University and other affiliated North American Universities have come to Sydney to take part in a semester of academic scholarship and work experience.

We take pride in the quality of both our academic and internship programs. Our Sydney staff and faculty are dedicated to maintaining the best possible outcomes in these areas.  BU Sydney Internship students are placed in positions appropriate to their academic background, fields of expertise, and experience by specialist advisors working at the BU Sydney Academic Centre in Chippendale.  Interns thus bring a high level of knowledge and professionalism to their internship. Internship providers appreciate not only these qualities but also the opportunity to utilise a fresh perspective to extend their own network internationally.

We place interns in a range of sectors including but not limited to the following:

Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
Arts/Arts Administration
Film/ Radio/ Television
Health/ Human Services
Hospitality Administration
International Organisations/ NGOs
Politics/ Pre-Law