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Britt Merrylees Art

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Britt Merrylees Art

Britt Merrylees is an intricate and expressive individual, a genuine encaustic painter and business owner. This Australian born artist has recently recaptured her passion for creating novel art pieces and has been progressing ever since. After transitioning from the academic field to the work environment, Merrylees experienced a series of fluctuations in setting foot on the right path. The understanding, knowledge and wisdom acquired throughout the years have added up to provide Merrylees with the driving force she needed to accomplish her dream. Her main focus is encapsulating her photography into her abstract encaustic art.

Essentially, the spontaneous medium of hot wax is applied to timber or canvas, to create a soft but powerful master piece. Merrylees’ artwork is not like any other; her creations are inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and the emotional connections within her. Apart from developing splendid pieces, creating textures serves much importance to Merrylees’ artistic portrayals. Her incorporation of various techniques into her art develops a layered effect of the unifying colours which takes shape and brings to life a mysterious sensation. As Merrylees’ work constantly engages the public with its creative elements, she promises to continue developing mesmerising pieces. Her studio in Bondi is her laboratory, and her upcoming projects will serve as an addition to her journey as a passionate artist.