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Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson is an Australian visual artist whose practice engages with vibrational energy exchanges. Her works transcend physical boundaries through the employment of light, colour, static movement and sonic relationships in a quest to uncover the mysteriousness of presence. Simpson is in pursuit of the essence of any given vibrational exchange, honouring the belief that every thing of the universe is vibrating at different frequencies, creating phenomenon from the realms of the mundane to experiences of the sublime.

At this time, technology and science are disassociating humanity from its primordial past and our fundamental connection to the earth. A folly which Simpson believes lacks wisdom, hence her interest to visually explore ways of pulling up our primal foundations into contemporary life, giving other vibrational awareness to the mundane aspects of our being, The visual outcome rendering the past, present and future as a shimmering oneness, revealing timeless waves of energy exchange.