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Cleveland Street Smash Repairs

153 Cleveland Street Chippendale NSW 2008

(02) 9319 2454

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Cleveland Street Smash Repairs

Cleveland Street Smash Repairs is a family business offering qualified, competitive and quality smash repair service to insurance customers with a focus on providing first class customer care.

CSSR is located in the Sydney CBD–Chippendale, a very central and convenient location within easy walking distance to rail and buses. It is staffed with a strong team of 10 highly qualified men and women who have over 100 years of combined experience in the motor vehicle industry between them. Our 2 dedicated managers are our main contacts for initial customer care and quotation. They personally follow the process of the vehicles from the time they enter the shop to customer hand-over, ensuring the highest quality repairs.

We offer a very caring, professional and efficient service to the customer who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, understanding only too well the inconvenience and disruption to families and business whilst without a vehicle. In light of this, we offer customers a pick up and drop off service or taxi voucher where applicable, and in emergency circumstances loan vehicles in response to their needs.

As a repairer we guarantee to work within the expectations, rules and regulations including the following scope of works:
•    All repairs will be performed by licensed tradesmen and apprentices
•    Vehicles will only be quoted original parts sourced from the appropriate dealer
•    if second hand parts are required we ensure to only use original second hand parts
•    Quality Assurance– we will guarantee and implement our in house QA systems to all vehicles undergoing repairs from start to finish following scope of works.
1.    Perform all quoted R & R
2.    Perform all repairs as per quote
3.    Perform all refinishes as per quote
4.    Fit new parts and second hand parts as per quote
5.    Ensure all miscellaneous items and scope of works are performed as per quote
6.    Detail vehicle on completion
7.    Check list- that all works and parts have been carried out as per assessed quote at a high quality standard
8.    Handover or deliver to customer on completion