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Invisible Artists Pty Ltd

3a, 5-13 Queen Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008

(02) 8007 3117

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Invisible Artists Pty Ltd

Great editing is often referred to as an ‘invisible art’ when it is well-practiced. Viewers can become so engaged that they are not even aware of the editor’s work.

Invisible Artists is an emerging production agency giving clients the help necessary to take a brief from insights into full production.

We are a collective of talented writers, directors, producers, editors and animators born out of the increasing demand for video content online.

Full production, a spot of editing or simply a help desk, we aim to deliver the video production services required for any marketing needs.

Specialties include…
– Content creation.
– Social Videos (Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo)
– Broadcast Commercials – from production to broadcast.
– Design and animation.
– Hype and Award reels.

We deliver results through the best and most relevant media channels efficiently and with true quality.