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The Ironlak dream began in 2002, when a young aerosol artist from Sydney wanted to offer Australian artists a premium spray paint brand at an affordable price. As the first Ironlak cans rolled onto shelves in 2004, the price of premium spray paint was cut dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Australian artists.

In 2008 Ironlak moved production offshore. This came with the opportunity to measure quality control more stringently, the production of a higher quality product and centralised global distribution through an Ironlak owned and operated factory.

Driven by the necessity to develop and distribute products to a niche market, Ironlak gained the expertise and confidence to extend its reach and explore new territory. Today Ironlak is the leading choice for artists in over 50 countries around the world.

In a market where products are used to ‘create’, we believe it is essential for the people responsible for putting the tools in the consumer’s hands to share an involvement in their craft. With tireless practice and a persistence in seeking perfection, built upon street-level experience and accelerated by a passion for the arts, Ironlak has shaped a world-class product portfolio, which hinges on handing exceptional, innovative and reliable products to our growing audience of loyal artists across the globe.

Ironlak seeks to bridge the gap between value for money and the highest quality products available, providing artists with more tools than ever to express their individuality.

Ironlak Art & Design is focused on providing a comprehensive portfolio of products; sharing the same quality and value for money that aerosol artists have appreciated for years, with the wider art community, providing all artists with the perfect tools to express their creativity.