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Kensington Contemporary

32 Kensington St Chippendale NSW 2008

02 9318 2992

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri: 10am – 6pm Sat-Sun: 12pm – 5pm

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Kensington Contemporary

Kensington Contemporary: its namesake encompasses what pulses at the heart of these dual galleries. Occupying the two oldest terraces on Kensington Street, Kensington Contemporary is a collective space exhibiting contemporary art crafted by local hands, under the curation of the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

With a repertoire of represented artists, it continues to uphold the legacy of Nicky Ginsberg’s former NG Art Gallery while forging connections locally and globally with luminary pulsars of the art world.

Kensington Contemporary fosters the full spectrum of Australian artists, showcasing youthful talent in the architectural remnants of Sydney’s past.