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Miss Scriptid – Nicole White – Creative Learning Designer

I’ve been an online instructional designer for six years now! Loving what you do means that work isn’t a chore. I enjoy the whole eLearning project process and I believe that assists in making the project an enjoyable experience from start to finish. It also means that I take pride in my work – it might sound a little off putting at first – but there is a slice of me that goes into each and every one of my designs. I believe that learning is something that occurs naturally and voluntarily – this isn’t any different in the workplace. I make the kind of eLearning that doesn’t make the learner groan outwardly and lose the will to live! I’ve created eLearning for all sorts of industries! Banking, insurance, electronics, motor trade, health, travel, road and transport, pharmaceuticals – modules range from compliance to soft skills to product knowledge to behavioural changes – the list goes on. I work best with my client and the learners. My process involves a lot of quality time spent in conversation with the business and the targeted audience to work out the best approach – I work from home so I love the balance between getting out and talking to people and then heading home to bury my head in a design and storyboard. One day I want to recline in my Smokey Dawson chair, slip a sneaky nip of whiskey in my tea – knowing that eLearning is loved (well, not hated) in Australia.

Nicole White – Creative Learning Designer