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New Perspectives Counselling

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A free first counseling session for 1 hour.

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New Perspectives Counselling

New Perspectives Counselling
Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching

Life often presents us with challenging situations.
Despite our best efforts, we don’t always find ways of resolving them.

Counselling can help you see your situation in a different way. Through the unique experience of being fully listened to without judgement, and being encouraged to explore your situation in constructive and meaningful ways, a new perspective can emerge. And with it, an approach to resolving the current challenge, and a deeper level of awareness and understanding, to enhance the life you are living now.

Because each client and the situation they bring to counselling is so different, I tailor my approach to best meet their needs. I apply a range of therapeutic modalities, including existential, narrative, solution-focused and family systems approaches. I work with individuals and people in relationships, face-to-face and online, to offer my clients a choice of environments and communication methods. My goal is always to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, and to remove the barriers that block each person’s pathway to achieving what is most important for them.