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The Old Clare Hotel

20 Broadway

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The Old Clare Hotel

Concurrent with Unlisted Collection’s penchant and signature for all its hotels, The Old Clare Hotel finds itself located across two heritage-listed properties built in the first half of the 20th century.

Adaptive reuse -with careful consideration for and extensive retention of the heritage components- of the Clare Hotel and Carlton United Administration Building will see the buildings joined by an imposing glass and steel construct which also create two additional floors to the Administration building.

Offering a total of 62 accommodation rooms across a colourful palette of room types with a very generous average room size in excess of 37 square meters, the Old Clare Hotel will provide detailed, personalised service within a contemporary and urban setting.

Putting to bed the notion that exceptional hospitality and service is involuntarily linked to a traditional or even conservative approach and/or environment, the hotel offers a gym, meeting space for up to 24 delegates and will play host to Unlisted Collection’s first day spa in the not too distant future.

The hotel will offer two bars: One located within the original ‘pub’-area of the Clare Hotel; a space that playfully reinterprets its own history through carefully curated interiors. The other is located next to the 14-meter pool on the rooftop of the CUB administration building.