exhibition: Alternate Forms

Alternate Forms

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 19-11-2015 until 20-12-2015



Adam Rish; Alison Tucker; Anne Delaney; Denese Oates; Hidemi Tokutake; Holly MacDonald; Jo Wood; Lee Mathers; Rachael Harrex; Sally Walk; Stephanie Sykes; Susan Robey; Tracy Luff; Alternate Forms

Upcoming exhibition Alternate Forms is a sculptural showcase with a focus on organic form and design.

Alternate Forms binds together the most accomplished hands working in sculpture. Our exhibiting artists pivot their works on a conceptual wheel, turning through notions of place, identity and belonging in a multitude of mediums. Tracy Luff forges natural forms out of cardboard, invigorating typically two-dimensional surfaces with sculptural character. Hidemi Tokutake fashions her ceramics from the patterns and forms of Australian flora and fauna, while Alison Tucker’s porcelain works also draw from a sense of place. Our artists nudge the boundaries of the real and fantastical, with Holly MacDonald’s ceramics considering theories of invisibility and reality, and Susan Robey’s paper clay masterpieces extending into imaginary worlds.

Alternate Forms lives up to its name, offering fresh perspectives on some of the most deep-rooted ideas in our society. Our artists take these concepts into their own hands, mould them with a sensitive touch, and return them in alternate forms, leading their audience along the verge of experimental thinking.


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