exhibition: Alun Rhys Jones – Dysmorphia Playground

Alun Rhys Jones – Dysmorphia Playground

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 24-11-2016 until 15-01-2017


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Nicky Ginsberg President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct is excited to present a selection of Alun Rhys Jones’ sharp and reflective works at Kensington Contemporary. ‘Dysmorphia Playground’ eloquently describes the tropes of modern masculinity, and their implicit effects on society, through the medium of drawing.

While carefully considering the value and impact of these idealised masculine forms, Jones has reinvented images that speak of aspiration and a standard of beauty that is both alluring and domineering in the male fashion industry. Jones explores the profuse proliferation of these idealised images of beauty and seeks to unharness the greater meaning beyond each chiseled figure. For Jones, there is some subliminal promise of the physical attainment of the perfection that consumers are presented.

One of the main constructs ingrained within the concept of masculinity is strength, and its presence is so often defined by youthfulness, athleticism and boldness. The latter traits are explicitly utilised in marketing campaigns of the brands depicted in Jones’ drawings, perfectly illustrating the key issues he has chosen to focus upon.

Each drawing is highly detail-oriented, each element thoughtfully etched in charcoal. Jones carefully recreates every ripple and crease of his celebrity subjects and the crumpled packaging upon which they feature. Through the process of replicating an existing icon, Jones, in fact, re-packages iconography pertaining to beauty and self-awareness, enveloping his subject in a new layer of meaning.Jones’ meticulous approach to artmaking echoes the highly critical nature of the fashion industry and its drive towards the construct of perfection.

Alun Rhys Jones is a Sydney based artist who graduated from the National Art School in 2011, obtaining a Masters degree in Fine Arts. Jones has been a finalist in a number of prestigious art prizes in recent years, including the Chippendale New World Art Prize. His works appear in both public and private collections all over the world.

The irresistible beauty of Jones’ skillful drawings distills idyllic beauty as a dual celebration and flawed ideal. Although the chiseled jawbones on the shopping bags have inevitably been crumpled, Jones ensures that their social impacts outlast their medium.


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