exhibition: Art Now Revisited

Art Now Revisited

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 30-06-2016 until 26-07-2016


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The Kensington Contemporary Galleries, located in the Chippendale Creative Precinct are the perfect arena for the merging of art and technology. In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, it is surrounded by an ever evolving cybernated world. Step onto Kensington Street however, and you are enveloped by an aromatic and vibrant environment pulsing with the steady rhythms of art and culture. Twining together, these environments work in harmony, creating a place harboring contemporary art and technology.

The Art Now Revisited exhibition combines these two environments, exploring the most contemporary materials, techniques and ideas in the art world today. The theme rests its premise on the all-encompassing and inescapable digital world, which has changed the working cogs of our society for better and worse.

Because of the soaring caliber of contemporary submissions, artists have been selected from the Chippendale New World Art Prize. Their work explores the relationship between art and technology thematically and through artistic practice, producing an exhibition that aesthetically and mentally stimulates. The artists featured in the Art Now Revisited exhibition are:

Simon Savage & Mandy Pryse-Jones
Shelly Webster
Emilio Cresciani
Janet Haslett
Ceara Metlikovec

Beth Radford
Natasha Walsh
Maurice Goldberg
William Rhodes
Robert Bjaalid

Cathy Drew
Kailum Graves
Susan Chen
Thi Nguyen

Technology has allowed us to manipulate our surroundings and in so doing create the most fascinating art. 3D printers which create earthly sculptures, inkjet prints which alter images of nature into vivid alien scapes, LED screens that light by the heat of your hand. The so-called cold high-tech environment invites us into its beauty and talks to us through its warmth and light.

The Exhibition will begin with one of Kensington Contemporaries famous and inviting opening nights on Thursday 30th of June from 6-8pm. So bring friends and family along for some complimentary wine, and warming conversation.

The exhibition will be running for three weeks, closing on July 12th, in the Kensington Contemporary Galleries on Kensington Street in the Chippendale Creative Precinct.


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