exhibition: Ash Coates – Lurid Language of the Undergrowth

Ash Coates – Lurid Language of the Undergrowth

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 22-09-2016 until 15-10-2016


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Nicky Ginsberg of Chippendale Creative Precinct has the pleasure of presenting an array of imaginative and psychedelic landscapes created by Ash Coates at Kensington Contemporary. ‘Lurid Language of the Undergrowth’ explores the complexity of connections within the natural

and artificially altered cosmos. Each unique painting reflects on human impact within the natural world, from each surreal microcosm of activity to more easily identifiable landscapes.

Coates is inspired by both real and fictional communication networks depicted within each environment; from each complex and crucial network found inside the human body to the symbiotic relationship of plants, which rely on one another to carry vital information and nutrients through thick underbrush.

While captivated by the idea of the visible meeting the invisible world, Coates has created an array of colourful scapes which are made of part fantasy part reality, mapping unseen connections in the undergrowth to shape each wondrous ethereal landscape.

Ash Coates is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited in galleries all over the world. He fabricates each painting from a number of layers, which begin as abstract patterns and evolve into more detailed and representational imagery with each new layer of colour.

Each psychedelic landscape, much like our natural surroundings, appears alive with masses of complex connections. The artist uses powerful hits of electric pinks and murky oceanic bluegreen hues to represent the relationship between our artificial and natural surroundings. Each unique work represents both the thriving metropolis of micro organisms that lies quietly beneath the surface of our visible world and one that is truly the stuff of dreams.


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