exhibition: Berto Pandolfo

Berto Pandolfo

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 20-04-2017 until 07-05-2017


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20th of April- 7th of May

Kicking off a year-long residency by the department is Berto Pandolfo, senior lecturer and course director of the Interior and Spatial Design and Integrated Product Design programs at UTS with his part hand-made, part 3D printed furniture designs entitled ‘MND’.

Pandolfo is an Industrial Designer who is interested in the conversation between emerging and traditional manufacturing methods, and what this means for the future of complex form making. In MND we see a fusion of the natural with the artificial, the manufactured and the hand-crafted- of hand-made structures with Fused Deposition Modelling legs that merge and collaborate to create one cohesive structure.

The MND project examines questions that plague and captivate designers throughout the world: Can Fused Deposition Modelling be used as a structural element on a piece of furniture? And if they can, are they able to be produced in a cost effective way?

The resulting MND series of objects incorporate FDM printed legs in their ‘purest form’, they have not been sanded, painted or modified in any way. See for yourself that incredibly, the ‘imperfections’ made by the printer have an aesthetic quality not dissimilar to the wood grain of the kauri pine. Berto’s designs have been cited in both local and international design journals and his work has been exhibited in design events both locally and internationally.

Following Berto we are excited to announce equally innovative exhibitions from his esteemed peers via the UTS Faculty of Design; Professor Lawrence Wallen, Todd McMillan, Donna Sgro, Sara Oscar, Zoe Sadokierski, Alyssa Choat and Stephan Lie.


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