exhibition: Chris Bowman + Michael Day – LIGHT_notations .01

Chris Bowman + Michael Day – LIGHT_notations .01

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 25-09-2015 until 18-10-2015


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This exhibition is a demonstration of new investigations into light, movement, space and time.

Since 2012, together and separately, we have been exploring light and experimental film and animation in new spatial and temporal contexts. In particular, we have been exploring and prototyping contemporary “optical refraction mechanisms”. These mechanisms build on the work of the early pioneers of cinema whose magic “lanterns” (such as the zoetrope and the praxinoscope) transformed the spaces in which they were exhibited. Today, we have devised different kinds of mechanisms to explore dance, light, film and animation. On display are two prototype mechanisms, one that “projects” and “extrapolates” light and animation to illuminate the space in which it is placed. The second mechanism explores intimacy, creating a unique internal space of montaged experimental film and animation.

The process of prototyping optical refraction mechanisms enables us to explore concepts of ‘disturbance’ and ‘stasis’ – ‘territory’ and ‘intrusion’ – ‘order’ and ‘chaos’ using refraction, montage and illusion creating an alchemy of illuminated movement. Our prototypes seek to create spatial narratives that immerse the viewer in a unique visual spectacle, sometimes intimate, sometimes expansive.

The photographs chosen for this exhibition are unique works derived from the prototyping process. Each image is itself a statement on stasis, territory and order. Selected from a substantial body of works the photographs explore the ephemeral multi-plane image disturbed by the mechanism. Unlike the fluctuating and shifting images produced by the mechanism the photographs are images of light and movement suspended in space and time.

Each of the works on display is a notation of sorts. Some of these notations stem from our collaboration with Australian choreographer Dean Walsh and a team of outstanding animators and artists including Rachel Walls, Holger Deuter, Jason Benedek, Rachel Priddel, Elisa Lee and Daniel Scott.


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