exhibition: Cornelis Timmer – All I See is Plastic

Cornelis Timmer – All I See is Plastic

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 20-10-2016 until 12-11-2016


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Nicky Ginsberg of Chippendale Creative Precinct has the pleasure of presenting a selection of Cornelis Timmer’s sharp and colourful works at Kensington Contemporary. ‘All I See is Plastic’ contemplatively distills the increasing fluid values of an ever-changing technological environment. In pursuit of a greater truth, and to seek clarity in his surroundings, Timmer has ventured into a world shaped by lineal planes and colour theory. Cornelis’ works are stripped-back interpretations of his surroundings; described by the artist as ‘reduced’ interpretations of our world. But, by no means, are they lacking in complexity or depth.

Harking to the aesthetics of modernist philosophy, art and design, Timmer thoughtfully crafts a map of composite colours to visually describe the way that we navigate the conceptual and physical spaces that occupy our contemporary reality. He explains, in the words of Arshile Gorky, how by un-harnessing the way we express our perceived realities, we can ‘extract the infinite from the finite.’

Timmer’s oeuvre can be divided, by medium, into paintings and two-dimensional compositions of plastic panels. By selecting to work in the medium of plastic, consciously moving away from the traditional paint and brush, the artist becomes semi-detached from the work. Each ‘plastic’ piece reflects on technological impact of human relationships in a modern setting, commenting on the ‘plastification’ of our society. The artist extends the aesthetic markers of the modern movement of Neoplasticism to their absolute literality via materiality. Timmer assumes a coldness of plastic, and so, the works fashioned from plastic become devoid of any physical connection or human touch.

Cornelis Timmer is a Sydney based artist who has exhibited in galleries all over, from Prague to Sydney. He was born in the Netherlands and has lived and worked in Sydney since 1989. Each of Timmer’s works marks a step closer to the pursuit of clarity and divulges another clue along the way, shaping a unique understanding of his surroundings in an otherwise complex and often chaotic contemporary society.



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