exhibition: Emily Hana Johnson – Split

Emily Hana Johnson – Split

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 25-09-2015 until 18-10-2015


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In her captivating show, up and coming artist – HANA – amalgamates sculptural forms in varying dimensions to manipulate her audience’s perception of the object as it is illuminated in light and cast in shadow.

HANA explores the fundamental value of light, or lack there of, exposing its undeniable capacity to shape how we perceive our world. Light dictates our sense of fear or calm, our despair or inspiration, and our demise or exaltation.

Similarly, the combination or “play” of light and shadow, transforms the way in which we consider objects, as it can easily morph the nature of an object into a perverse, warped version of itself. We are able to see two images – the original and its shadow counterpart. It is here that the audience is poised to consider the two things as either separate entities or as a whole and their figurative relationship in describing the physicality of the object.

HANA uncovers these notions of light, shadow and perception through a combination of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional installation works that support each other in perfect visual and conceptual harmony.

Born in Tokyo, Japan though based in Sydney, HANA graduated from COFA with a Bachelor of Art Education, majoring in drawing and painting and minoring in: printmaking; sculpture; ceramics; photography (analogue and digital); architecture-public art; outsider art (law) and metal casting (bronze). HANA is principally a draughtsmen, though has in recent years begun to engage aspects of both the three-dimensional and the fourth-dimensional forms into her work, with a focus on angular tesselation, shadow, light and their play on an object’s perception. With a mature, accurate artistic voice and practice, HANA is an artist to definitely watch.


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