exhibition: Todd McMillan and Zoë Sadokierski – ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’

Todd McMillan and Zoë Sadokierski – ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 18-05-2017 until 11-06-2017



Opening reception to be held at Kensington Contemporary on Thursday 18 May, 6-8pm

Exhibition Thursday 18th May – Sunday 11 June

End Game Part I: Possible Cost of Complacency
Zoë Sadokierski and Todd McMillan

Rhetorical Diagram no. 2, Zoë Sadokierski

Kensington Contemporary is excited to continue its adventures with Sydney’s most cutting edge visual technologies and vibrant ideas from our pioneers over the road at the UTS Faculty of Design!

In 2017, our Victorian terrace space Kensington Contemporary plays host to new works from those at the forefront of Australian contemporary design. Get inspired by Animation, Fashion and Textiles, Integrated Product Designs, Photography and Situated Media, and Visual Communication academics as they gather on Kensington Street to prove why UTS is rated the top young university in Australia.

Following Berto Pandolfo’s 3D printed furniture designs, Todd McMillan and Zoë Sadokierski present to you ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’. The artist’s respective works on paper are reactions to Nevile Shute’s On The Beach (1957) and George Turner’s The Sea and Summer (1987) – two post-apocalyptic novels which remain alarmingly accurate in 2017. ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’ is an exploration of signs, demise and misdirection and is the the result of conversations between the artists while they worked concurrently in a shared studio. Todd’s solar plate etchings of icebergs, photographed on a recent voyage to Antarctica, inspired Zoë’s rhetorical diagrams, which interprets a fictional work in a quasi-factual way. Through ongoing collaboration Todd and Zoë inform each other’s work. This work is the first part of an ongoing collaboration. ‘End Game Part 2: Sleep Well will be exhibited at Kensington Contemporary in August.

Todd McMillan is a photographer and time-based artist, and senior lecturer at the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building (DAB). McMillan’s work is a mainstay of Australian art, with pieces currently on show at the Art Gallery of NSW, and in the permanent collections of a range of state and federal cultural institutions. McMillan’s creative practice draws on themes of Romanticism and the sublime, merging references from literature, history and the processes of the natural world challenging the viewer to observe and react to some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Dr Zoë Sadokierski is a visual communication designer with a background in commercial book design. Her research revolves around the evolving nature of book culture and publishing in the digital age. Sadokerski is president of the Australian Book Designers Association and has received multiple Australian Book Design Awards. An avid lecturer, Sadokierski is not only teaching at the UTS Faculty of Design but has spoken at many public events such as the Sydney Writer’s Festival.

Join us Thursday 18 May at Kensington Contemporary as we continue our partnership with the talented faculty at UTS and celebrate this incredible opportunity for our gallery with wine and conversation galore!

Last Places, Todd McMillan


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