exhibition: Kate Dambach – Pauses

Kate Dambach – Pauses

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 14-01-2016 until 30-01-2016


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Kate Dembach brings her beautiful meditations to Kensington Contemporary, inviting all to reflect and engage in the singular moments each work has to offer. Dembach explores the idea of isolated transitional spaces and how they hold the essence of experience within this in-between – like the pause at the end of a breath.

Pauses presents the opportunity to view the world in slow motion. Dembach captures moments on the threshold of the mundane right before they become glorious, reflective and powerful gifts. Dembach brings new life to an act as un-thought of as breathing, projecting a magic onto its precious simplicity and a power onto its absolute command. Looking at such happenings from a phenomenological perspective highlights the essence, experience and the strange paradoxical nature of the ways such polar extremes can overlap and intersect in great harmony.

Traveling and experiencing new and remote locations of different countries has always been an influence to Kate’s work. After receiving her BFA in Painting in the United States in 2007, she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to Iceland. Much of the inspiration for her work is still drawn from vivid memories standing in the vastness of wander that is the Icelandic landscape. Furthering her exploration of new wilderness she has since lived in Wyoming, New Zealand and Australia and is currently based in Sydney. She has shown in various group and solo shows throughout her travels in addition to participating in artist residencies.

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