exhibition: Kerry Candarakis – ALCHEMY

Kerry Candarakis – ALCHEMY

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 28-07-2016 until 21-08-2016


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Nicky Ginsberg warmly welcomes Kerry Candarkis’ unique abstract style and ambiguous spatial illusions of an altered reality to Kensington Contemporary. A recent finalist in the Chippendale New World Art Prize, Kerry Candarakis is a Sydney-based artist whose contemporary art practice explores the transformation of material into an artwork. ‘Alchemy’ explores this concept, using colour as the primary means in which to underscore the characteristics of opalescence and fragmentation melding into large flowing masses. The exhibition comprises of a variety of two-dimensional pieces, utilizing not only paint and paper but exploring perspex as a means to suggest an internal physical journey. Overall, the work is intense, bright and creates a positive energy.

A self-titled ‘colourist’, Candarakis’ evocative pieces aspire to communicate through colour, shape and space. Her use of brilliant colour throughout the ‘Alchemy’ series creates a juxtaposition between the works which are bright, light, and bursting with life and other pieces which are more calm, slow and sombre. In mixing colours, Candarakis creates harmony or discord encouraging the audience to find synchronisation and overlooked aspects of an ephemeral hidden world.

Opening reception to be held at Kensington Contemporary on Thursday 28 July, 6-8pm
Exhibition Thursday 28 July – Sunday 21 August


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