exhibition: Kodo


Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 19-11-2015 until 05-12-2015


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Emma Bourke; Kate Darmody; Eliza Fugar; Rinaldo Hartanto; Jaclin King; Alinta Kirkpatrick; Martin Nester; Hugo Puflett; Scarlett Thorby-Lister; Simon Wearne; Vivian White; Jobe Williams. Kodo

After mentally, physically and spiritually undertaking a Japanese pilgrimage trail, Kumano Kodo, this group of talented artists return to share the artistic manifestation of their cultural experience. Having traversed a variety of terrain; walking through forests, over mountains, rivers, frozen lakes, through villages, shrines, temples and waterfalls, this multidisciplinary exhibition reflects the diversity of the trail itself. Exploring a path historically used for the training of Japanese Buddhist asceticism practitioners, challenged all those involved to connect fully with their own spirituality.

Such a walking meditation ensured the constant engagement of our artists’ mental, physical and emotional focus, winding down a road of peace and transcendent harmony.
Kodo brings a culmination of individual reflection and artistic reaction to Carlton Project Space, binding the strands of each artist’s personal journey. Explore the blissful scenery of Japan, homages to the serenity and wonder experienced by some of the most talented students and graduates of UNSW Art and Design.


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