exhibition: Nicole Kelly – A Path To

Nicole Kelly – A Path To

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 16-03-2017 until 09-04-2017


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Kensington Contemporary presents

Nicole Kelly


Opening reception: Thursday 16 March, 6-8pm

Exhibition: Thursday 16 March – Sunday 9 April

Nicky Ginsberg, President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct, is delighted to  welcome Nicole Kelly’s nostalgic gouache conjurings on paper to Kensington Contemporary. Kelly’s expressive works distill the power of observation, accompanied by compelling undercurrents of the self’s negotiation of space and place in time.

A Path To captures snapshots of the artist’s visual and emotional stimuli during her recent Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur Residency in Blanca, a village in southern Spain. Blanca, a small town in the region of Murcia, is nestled in the Ricote Valley. The mountainous Spanish terrain, dotted with citrus orchards, undulates in Kelly’s conjurings in paint.

During her residency, Kelly sought to interrogate the overlaps that exist between literal reality and poetic interpretation. The artist’s impassioned brush strokes and graphite scrawls are tangible explorations of the fine thread that semantically divides the two experiences. Kelly holds the tension that exists between the conceptual and the representative in paint, and lingers, poised, in this moment as the bold swashes of her medium are her remaining traces of this transient juncture.

Driven by desires to discover untapped landscapes and foreign topographies, A Path To contributes a thoughtful series of new landscapes to Kelly’s oeuvre. A process of self-travel and sharing of visual intimacy, the artist enriches her own visual palette through her exploration of the Spanish countryside, and subsequently, ours, too.

Kelly, a Sydney based painter, won the 2009 Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and has been a finalist in a plethora of exhibitions including the 2015 Wynne Prize, and the 2016 NSW Parliament Plein Air Prize, Mosman Art Prize and Redlands Art Prize.  A graduate of National Art School in 2009, Kelly’s artistic career has flourished, as her en plein air practice and unique creative expression has drawn international attention.


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