exhibition: Ochre Lawson – Remnants

Ochre Lawson – Remnants

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 22-10-2015 until 14-11-2015


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With an art practice spanning painting, drawing and sculpture, Ochre Lawson continues to find endless inspiration from nature in all of her exquisite forms. Though beginning her work from drawing and painting from life “en-plein air’, Lawson’s work ultimately results in a highly emotive and impressionistic painterly style. Such a practice offers a distinct energy and spirit, exclusive only to the time, place and atmosphere upon which the artwork was created.

Lawson desires not purely to create a literal representation of the bushland she connects with, but rather create an emotional, physical and spiritual response to nature through mark, movement, colour and form.

“I believe colour is inspired by the landscape but not a slave to it.”

Every mark made with her brush on board is created from both broad simplification and observed detail of intricate shapes and textures.

This continuing body of work bases its inspiration on the small clusters – or “remnants” – of natural sanctuaries dispersed in and around Sydney. From her visits to the small patches of natural bushland that cling to the sides of steep hills around this varied city, Lawson explores her passion for the wilderness and the spiritual comfort and engagement which it provides. With a firm belief that these remnants are the catalyst of Sydney’s unique atmosphere, Lawson revels in the beautiful juxtaposition of such intense natural beauty and thriving cityscape.

The mangroves speckled around Sydney’s river systems are of particular interest to Lawson, being a primal place of evolution. Fish are spawned, insects abound, the water flows freely in and out of tides and birds sit all day waiting for a catch to feed. To sit and experience all of this natural calm, beauty and intrigue as the light lilts with the water, sits in utter dichotomy with the city-population nestled along the same rivers edge.

Receiving a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture from the National Art School Sydney in 2007 and a Diploma in Fine Art, majoring in painting from Southbank Institute of Tafe in 2001, Lawson has continued to win several art prizes and have many solo exhibitions. With her original, emotive impressions of Sydney’s “Remnants”, Lawson has proved to be an artist to watch.


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