exhibition: Quentin Lambert and Noelia Araya Matus – MAËL AT THE PARK

Quentin Lambert and Noelia Araya Matus – MAËL AT THE PARK

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 16-02-2017 until 12-03-2017


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Kensington Contemporary presents:

Quentin Lambert and Noelia Araya Matus

Exhibition: Thursday 16 February – Sunday 12 March 2017

Book launch and exhibition opening: Thursday 16 February, 6-8pm

Nicky Ginsberg of the Chippendale Creative Precinct has the pleasure of presenting the heartfelt tale of Maël at the Park at Kensington Contemporary, from Thursday 16 February to Sunday 12 March 2017.

To mark the publication of this charming children’s book in English, Kensington Contemporary is hosting a book launch and signing by the author, Quentin Lambert, on Thursday 16 February from 6-8pm. Presented alongside a showcase of the development of the book’s illustrations, the exhibition will also feature prints and drawings​ created by artist Noelia Araya Matus.

Trace the gallery walls and flip through the softcover book to discover Maël’s story​. The narrative begins with a little bird (a Sociable Weaver) all the way from South Africa, who has become lost while migrating. The little bird spots Maël and seeks friendship with the little boy. But Maël is scared of this new stranger. Will they learn to become friends?

Maël at the Park offers touching representations of complex elements of life, including fear, loss and belonging. Each theme is presented in the captivating story of a little boy, Maël, and his journey to make sense of the surrounding universe.

Lambert is inspired by his son’s perception of the world around him, and has delved deeper into their precious experiences as father and son. The book explores the complexities of life through the musings of a child, and presents them in a poetic and humorous way.

Lambert began his career as a french and history teacher and has exhibited in galleries all over the world. Foremost, he is a visual artist and writer. Matus is a talented illustrator and bookbinder.

Combining their creative talents, this beloved story​ comes to life in English for the first time. Inspired by Lambert’s spellbinding storytelling, Chilean artist Matus brings Maël at the Park to life with her delightful drawings. Her colour palette is predominantly monochromatic and minimalistic​, with bursts of colour that draw attention directly to the heart of the story.

A small run of limited edition, signed copies of Maël at the Park will be available during the launch and exhibition at Kensington Contemporary, as will a selection of Matus’ playful illustrations, ready to take home and become a treasured story to share with loved ones.


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