exhibition: Rachel Wells – REVERIE – A Place to Contemplate

Rachel Wells – REVERIE – A Place to Contemplate

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 25-08-2016 until 18-09-2016


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Nicky Ginsberg warmly welcomes the fanciful dreamscapes of Rachel Wells’ to Kensington Contemporary. ‘Reverie – A Place to Contemplate’ was born out of Wells’ personal musings when she unearthed the travel albums of her Great, Great Aunts, who traveled the world by sea between World War I and World War II. Their travel albums were full of tiny photographs and curious postcards from across Asia and through the Suez Canal to Europe. The ghostly, faded sepia images detailing faces and landscapes prompted Wells to ponder the fate of the faces and what had become of their memories. Tantalized by this thought Wells created ‘Memorarium’, which is a tribute to a little Dutch girl, in front of a Cornish landscape, an unknown sea and a faded, colorful garden in the foreground. The limited edition giclee print, the starting point of her collection, doubles as a terrarium in its own right, a memory garden captured within the four sides of the image.

Rachel Wells is a Sydney-based digital and mixed-media artist. Her hyper-real digital photographic montages piece together moden day and digital photography with
scans of grainy gardening books from the 1970s, forming new ‘places’. These landscapes exist nowhere tangible yet retain a sense of the original location, altered as although in a dream and meshed with an underlying emotive storytelling.

Throughout ‘Reverie’, these places take the form of dreamscapes. The concept of a dreamscape results from Rachel’s ponderings concerning memory. Do memories simply disappear when a person passes or are they stored somewhere? Like a dream. Occupying these spaces are a series of characters, long gone from our world. Yet here they are no, re-imagined in an expansive, liminal, contemplative space.

Rachel Wells’ exhibition will mark the debut of her printed textile and homewares range.

‘Reverie’ is to be opened by renowned Australian artist Susan O’Doherty.


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