exhibition: Sarah Mufford – One Between Two

Sarah Mufford – One Between Two

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 19-11-2015 until 20-12-2015


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Sarah Mufford’s upcoming exhibition One Between Two constructs a fractured kaleidoscope where binaries collide: intuition and reasoning, free-flowing shapes and pattern systems, traditions of East and West. These notions tumble together in a series of watercolour paintings, where Mufford’s observations of nature evoke the style of Italian masters, and resonate an Indian mantra.

Inspired during a residency in Umbria, Italy, Mufford’s series was influenced by early Renaissance depictions of flora and foliage and the decorative patterns of Central and Northern Italian fresco painting. Mufford investigates nature by layering pattern systems to dissolve spatial relationships and colour perceptions, building vibrant textures from pools of colour and intricate prints.

At the core of her works lies the mantra “one between two”, a notion prominent in traditional Indian miniature painting. This mantra steers her application of pattern in the style of decorative marking, from leaves to fabric and brickwork. This textural weaving echoes the sacred geometrical ratio that Giotto used to determine the placement of stars on the ceiling of the Scrovegni chapel in Padua.
Mufford achieved her Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Canberra School of Art in 1995, after which she completed her Masters of Education in Visual Arts at the University of Technology in 2002. The captivating works of Mufford have granted her numerous awards, solo and group exhibitions, prestigious teaching positions and a place in major international and national private collections.


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