exhibition: The Strutt Sisters – Let The Chips Fall Where They May

The Strutt Sisters – Let The Chips Fall Where They May

Showing at: Kensington Contemporary

From 10-03-2016 until 02-04-2016


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Nicky Ginsberg of NG Art Gallery is delighted to welcome The Strutt Sisters to her new venture; Kensington Contemporary, where the nostalgic and eclectic setting will serendipitously collide with the sisters’ artistic brilliancy.

Nicky Ginsberg is also delighted to present the return of Art Month to the Chippendale Precinct in conjunction with the Sisters’ effervescent and vibrant collection of interior and architecture pieces that compliment their elaborate array of visual art pieces. Twin sisters, musicians, synesthetes, artists and designers, The Strutt Sisters – Catherine & Jennifer Strutt – are well versed in their language of colour and pattern. Their iconic Strutt style seamlessly crosses creative boundaries to produce a revealing insight into their close relationship and eclectic vision. Within their collaborative relationship of over 20 years, their body of work synthesises four design areas: visual art, jewellery, splash back tiles for home interiors and bespoke surface design panels for commercial and residential interiors.

It is with great finesse that the sisters will showcase their new bespoke interior and architectural venture, accompanied by their influential visual works in their upcoming exhibition Let the Chips Fall Where They May at Kensington Contemporary.

Their prolific career has piqued the interest of notable gallerists and individuals with the likes of John McDonald and Ruth Skilbeck, acknowledging the sisters’ ability to formulate the ultimate visual spectacle through their active observation and insight into the relationship between aesthetic elements and unique features.

In a world of mass production, the sisters bring warmth, personality, and masterful craftsmanship to interior design and decoration, producing eclectically satisfying and bespoke objects. “We all live in our own little worlds spinning around in an erratic universe. It is uncontrolled by our thoughts, needs and wants that we traverse as best we can, letting the chips fall where they may.” (The Strutt Sisters)

Inspiration for their work lies in the colour, pattern and design of traditional folk costumes, vintage Scandinavia, and life in Australia up until 1960. They love humorous images and stories and making up worlds full of quirky characters and situations.

Additional to The Strutt Sisters’ participation in the Explore Chippendale Free Gallery Walking Tour on Saturday 12 March, the sisters will join friendly tour guests for lunch in Spice Alley from 1-2PM. Art at Night, Chippendale will take place on Wednesday 16 March, 6 – 10:30PM, which will bring 4,000 curious people to Chippendale – the new arts mecca of Sydney. Accompanied by the eclectic singer/songwriter CuzN, The Strutt Sisters will provide an artist talk that details their fascinating narrative of colour, pattern, and texture.


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