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About the prize

The Chippendale New World Art Prize represents the advent of a new world where art spreads across all arenas to create new possibilities. Chippendale has undergone a tremendous transformation from its simple beginnings as an industrial suburb to what is now a landscape of creative ventures spanning contemporary art galleries to innovative visual technologies.

The Chippendale New World Art Prize stems from a ten-year donation of $100,000 by arts philanthropist and current Executive Chairman of Greencliff Pty Ltd, Dr Stanley Quek. Since its inception in 2013, this Art Prize fosters excellence for all creative individuals and agencies, working in formal or informal fields of practice.

The Chippendale New World Art Prize winner will receive a $10,000 residency grant at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle Retreat at Mount Subasio, Assisi, Italy.

Each year the Art Prize takes on a theme relating to a different facet of a new world. The theme for 2016 is Spirit, which invigorates the creative communities and spaces we thrive in. The spirit of Chippendale glimmers in the dark. It collects the fires of its tenants and visionaries to refract them in brilliant light and shower the district’s historical facades with gold. In Sydney’s downtown, Chippendale glows through the smoke and fog to illuminate a new age, where the spirit of both people and place burn brightly together. It is intangible but touches us deeply; it defies all boundaries in its freedom, untethered from any singular idiom. Spirit animates our lives with purpose, and we encourage creatives to harness the spirit that resides within and around them, to power their investigation of this concept. We await works fuelled by the spirit of what it means to to exist and create.

“The spirit, just like the body, can be strengthened and developed by frequent exercise. Just as the body, if neglected, grows weaker and finally impotent, so the spirit perishes if untended. And for this reason it is necessary for the artist to know the starting point for the exercise of his spirit.” – Kandinsky

Submissions close Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Finalist exhibition opens Thursday 2nd June


The Art Prize calls upon artists, creative agencies and students as the new voices of change, asking entrants to be inspired by art’s capacity to breathe new life into the urban sphere and embrace the new world of art technologies within their entries.

The Prize encourages entry in all mediums of art including new or non-conventional technologies, from emerging or established artists.


Please note only original artworks created specifically for this Art Prize will be accepted.

Each submission must consist of:

If the artwork is in the form of video media, an online link must be included in submission.

A submission fee of $35 is required. Payment details are to be supplied on the entry form.

Only 1 entry is required from each applicant.
No late entries will be accepted.

This year’s judging panel includes; Wayne Tunnicliffe, head curator of Australian art at the Art Gallery of NSW; Dr Stanley Quek, the former Chairman of Frasers Property Australia, current Executive Chairman of Greencliff Pty Ltd, and the prizes benefactor; Pat Corrigan, the renowned Australian art collector and arts philanthropist; and Janet Laurence, internationally renowned and celebrated Australian artist.

CNWAP Exhibition of Finalists

The exhibition of finalists will be held at 3 locations in Chippendale with the the announcement of the winner of the 2016 Chippendale New World Art Prize to be made during the opening night. Location to be announced.

Winner will receive

Artestudio Ginestrelle Retreat





2016 Winner – Indigo Hanlee and Michael Thomas Hill (Lightwell)

2015 Winner – Hobart Hughes

2014 Winner – Ian Andrews

2013 Winner -  Bryden Williams


2016 Finalists

2015 Finalists

2014 Finalists

2013 Finalists