A festival to celebrate our creative precinct

5 years of the BEAMS arts festival 2012 – 2016

CCP farewells the BEAMS arts festival

Chippendale’s annual BEAMS Arts Festival has been taking Shakespeare’s famous phrase, ‘all the world’s a stage’ very seriously.

As the festival comes to it’s natural conclusion, and the Chippendale Creative Precinct focuses on its other creative endeavours, we look back on five glittering years of creative talent, professional production and local grit. A shining, and thoroughly unique combination, which transformed the once forgotten industrial laneways of Chippendale into a melting pot of art, creativity and ideas, and has ushered in the revitalisation of one of Sydney’s most beguiling areas.

Founded by longtime champion of Chippendale, Nicky Ginsberg, BEAMS was part block party, part open air gallery and part music festival. It united locals, creatives and attendees from all walks of life for a thoroughly unique celebration of art, music, and community.

Ideas, creativity and energy flourished in the illuminated laneways, lingering long after the night’s festivities had concluded.

As the area grew and flourished, with the construction of Central Park and Kensington Street, as did BEAMS with the event growing from 4 laneways enjoyed by 7000 attendees in its first year, to 9 laneways filled to the brim with 30,000 festival goers in its fifth and final year.  

Even as the festival became renowned far beyond the confines of Chippendale, it remained uniquely community focussed. Residents and business owners threw parties which spilled out onto the bustling, kaleidoscopic streets, opened their homes to artists, who projected artworks from bedroom windows, and enthusiastically volunteered their time and skills to help the festival flourish.

We give thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, partners, assistant curators, volunteers and the many, many creatives who were involved with the festival over the past five years. In particular, we would like to thank City of Sydney, Frasers Property Australia, Greencliff and APN Outdoor, whose invaluable support was integral to the success of the festival.  

While The BEAMS Festival itself is now concluding, The Chippendale Creative Precinct remains committed to the event’s shining values of inclusivity and originality, as well as its commitment to underground artists and cutting edge ideas live on in the ephemeral, intriguing and the, now, unmissable streets of Chippendale.


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