A Special Performance Edition of Explore Chippendale: Gallery Walking Tour

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Experience first-hand Glenn and Rhonda Flune’s explosive love affair on a rambling, music-filled jaunt down Chippendale’s winding laneways.

On Saturday, 26 August, Nicky Ginsberg, President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct and Shaun Parker & Company present the rare opportunity to experience riveting scenes from critically acclaimed dance, multimedia and musical theatre extravaganza Blue Love starring Shaun Parker and Lucia Mastrantone.

For the Love of Art! Blue Love Walking Tour, grants audiences an intimate glimpse into Blue Love’s most poignant scenes against a backdrop of Chippendale’s best art spaces one special afternoon during the company’s highly anticipated tour of Australia’s East Coast. Debuting at the Opera House in 2005, Blue Love returns to delight audiences in 2017 as a hilarious, poetic and satirical exploration of pop culture, romance,
coupledom and suburbia.

Set against a backdrop of Chippendale’s best art spaces, audiences are invited to sip on Chippendale’s freshest craft beer generously provided by Beer Barrel for an afternoon of Chippendale’s finest theatre, beer and art.

Join us as we journey through the love story of Glenn and Rhonda Flune, following the lovers to pop-up stages at carefully chosen art spaces dotted around Chippendale. Infused with intense physical theatre, film and dance, Glenn and Rhonda take their audience on a heart-wrenching expedition in search of the perfect relationship, chronicling their joy, sorrow, love and heartbreak along the way.

Be a fly on the gallery walls at the one-of-a-kind For the Love of Art! Blue Love Walking Tour. CCP invites you to follow acclaimed actors Shaun Parker and Lucia Mastrantone on their journey through the ups and the downs, the agony and the ecstasy of L-O-V-E, LOVE.

Shaun Parker’s performance career has spanned seventeen years and taken him on international tours around Australia, Europe, Asia and America with companies such as Meredith Monk (New York), Sasha Waltz (Berlin), Sydney Theatre Company and Opera
Australia. Shaun Parker & Company has won two Australian Dance Awards, a Banksy Award, and the Argus Angel Award in the UK.

Date: Saturday, 26th August
Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm
Meeting Point: Kensington Contemporary,
32 Kensington Street, Chippendale

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Watch a snippet of the widely acclaimed stage performance here.


Kensington Contemporary Gallery

Kensington Contemporary: Devoted to the local arts scene and continuing to cultivate a creative network of talent, Kensington Contemporary actively promotes a diverse range of traditional and contemporary mediums, such as the case with this performance.

The Warehouse: Shhhhh… Secret Location

Scott Marsh street art on the exterior of Sneaky Possum

Upstairs at Sneaky Possum: part-bar, part-cafe, Sneaky Possum is dedicated to engaging the budding art scene in Chippendale. Above the restaurant lies a multipurpose area that will serve as a temporary gallery to support our Walking Tour.

The Dog Cage: Shhhhh… Secret Location

Collab Gallery

Collab at Pine Street: Launched in 2017, this new gallery is dedicated to promoting emerging, early and mid career artists through their professionally curated exhibition program. Collab aims to create a dynamic platform for artistic work and is excited to provide a pop-up stage for this unique walking tour.

Previous tours have been a great success with bookings filled to capacity. To ensure your place on the tour and avoid disappointment, be sure to make a booking today!


“Thank you!! It was amazing, and I will definitely be going to the next one. Enjoyed the drop sheet artist at Wellington St Gallery and then Sally’s explanation of the 3D printing. Was also nice to meet new people in a very enjoyable and relaxed setting. I think the lunch was very well organised and a well-constructed menu along with the abundance of wine – such good value !!! Nothing really to improve, was excellent and would highly recommend! Many thanks”

– Lucy Payne, April 2017

“Congratulations on your successful event. Overall, we enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to people who appreciate good food and experiencing a diverse range of art projects. We enjoyed learning how your organisation is supporting and promoting the arts community. Artists are often under-valued in communities and yet they play a vital role in building better communities and connecting people to their environment and each other. Well done on presenting a thought provoking, engaging and healthy indoor/outdoor experience!”

– Christopher Cosie April 2017

“I loved having the opportunity to become familiar with galleries in the area, as well as hear artists talk about their art, which enriched my understanding of the works and my overall experience. I was also very inspired by what the artists had achieved and the experiences they reflected on which lead to the artwork they had on show, in particular, Nicole Kelly’s residency in Spain. I can’t wait to learn more about the projects and opportunities that are underway.”

– Shani Ghosh, March 2017

“It was also very special to meet with the gallery owners and such a diverse group of artists who generously shared their experiences of working in the arts with us. To top it off lunch at Viet in Spice Alley was truly delicious. We were able to relax in the mezzanine level of the restaurant, enjoying a feast and a glass of wine and reflect on our morning together. I am sure that our friends enjoyed this excursion immensely and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.”

– Anita Toft, March 2017

‘The galleries and works commented on had variety and were of high quality, the atmosphere was friendly but informative, Susannah was a knowledgeable and approachable guide’

– Geraldine Norris, June 2016

“The lunch was delicious, and there was so much food on offer, it was definitely great value. The art galleries were very interesting and Susannah was well briefed and very informative. Hearing from the artists was an absolute bonus. Interestingly, we all discovered a part of Sydney none of us had been to.”

– Michele Dunn, April 2016

   “I enjoyed the commentary from the artists themselves which really put the artworks in perspective.”

– Ermin Tham, March 2016

“Just wanted to say thanks for organizing such a fun (and informative) tour – and festivities. Susannah was an excellent guide, and I enjoyed talking to various members of our group.”

– Lindy Reid, February 2016

Tour Details

For the Love of Art! Blue Love Walking Tour.

Date: Saturday, 26th August Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm Meeting Point: Kensington Contemporary, 32 Kensington Street, Chippendale Price: $65 + GST and Booking Fee

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