Internship Program

The Chippendale Creative Precinct has teamed up with Notre Dame University, UTS, National Art School, Sydney College of Fine Art, University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Art & Design and AIM (Australian Institute of Music) in an effort to channel inventive and willing students into the Chippendale area. The internship program offers students extensive industry, networking and mentoring experience, professional development and career discovery. The benefits of the program to all CCP businesses are extensive; as it offers an opportunity to increase your company’s profile, strengthen your industry’s future talent pool and grants you access to fresh thinking and innovative students.

Benefits for Students:

Benefits for Industry:


“From January to April 2017, I interned at Chippendale Creative Precinct and Kensington Contemporary Gallery. The majority of projects I worked on were graphic design based, but I also got the opportunity to push myself in areas that I have not had as much experience in, including social media management. My skills as a designer and a member of a team grew tremendously, as did my communication skills and confidence. Experimentation, creativity, and boldness were always encouraged, and constructive criticism was helpful and only allowed me to grow and learn more. My time at CCP has been eye-opening in that I have left with a more definite idea of what career path I wish to pursue, and a greater understanding of the inner-workings of creative companies and industries. Being part of such a friendly and supportive team and environment made my internship so much more enriching, and CCP is a wonderfully creative environment in which students and young adults seeking internships, regardless of background or experience, can learn a tremendous amount and flourish.”

– Nina Szewczyk April, 2017

“Interning for the CCP exposed me to the multifaceted art industry where I had the opportunity to hone my skills in my area, and develop others in marketing, event organisation, social media, curating, and art administration. I relished this opportunity as it has provided me a scope of knowledge and experience that I can transfer to my degree in design, and eventually reflect in my career.”

“The BU Sydney Internship Program really values its partnership with the Chippendale Creative Precinct. Over the years, the CCP internship program has provided countless Boston University students with the opportunity to develop their professional skill-sets through meaningful and hands-on internships. The CCP team consistently provides students with a dynamic and worthwhile professional experience tailored to their skills and interests.”
– Boston University (24/03/2017) 

“During my 5 months at CCP I was given the opportunity to work on a number of diverse and interesting projects. In doing so, was exposed to many different aspects of the arts, marketing and events management, and was given an invaluable insight into the the industry. I found that throughout my time at CCP I was able to build on my existing skills, as well as learn innumerable new ones. I was also given the freedom and autonomy to work on projects that I found interesting, but was also mentored and given support when needed. I know that the things I learned at CCP will translate into so many different fields, and I’m so grateful to have had such a rewarding and enriching experience.”
– Mikaela Dery (23/12/2016) 

“During 6 months with the CCP, I encountered a wealth of experience working behind the scenes in the arts, as well as professional confidence to take into the industry. My focus was marketing, I was able to learn and hone skills in writing for media and social campaigns, and see real results from my own input into CCP initiatives. Nicky Ginsberg heads an extremely cohesive, tight and passionate team, and it was a great experience to be a part of the planning and delivery of the Chippendale New World Arts Prize. It’s hard to say Chippendale is ‘up and coming’ anymore – it’s a buzzing creative and cultural hub, and something very special to be a part of with the CCP.”
– Emilia Batchelor (18/08/2015)