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Current Exhibition

Berto Pandolfo

From 20-04-2017 until 07-05-2017

Opening: Thursday 20th of April

20th of April- 7th of May Kicking off a year-long residency by the department is Berto Pandolfo, senior lecturer and course director of the Interior and Spatial Design and Integrated Product Design programs at UTS with his part hand-made, part 3D printed furniture designs entitled ‘MND’. Pandolfo is an Industrial Designer who is interested in… Read More

Upcoming Exhibitions

Todd McMillan and Zoë Sadokierski – ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’

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Alternate Forms


Sarah Mufford – One Between Two

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Chris Bowman + Michael Day – LIGHT_notations .01

Beric and Julian Henderson – Cosmographica

Emily Hana Johnson – Split

Naomi Chilcott Hero(ine)

Mariola Smarzak – New Works

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24 December 2016 – 9 January 2017

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Kensington Contemporary has partnered with the UTS Factuly of Design whose academics will be exhibiting with us this year. Kensington Contemporary is therefore unfortunately not accepting exhibition submissions in 2017.



Nicole Kelly