Kensington Contemporary

Current Exhibition

Sara Oscar – Reality is a Hard Word

From 10-08-2017 until 03-09-2017

Opening: Thursday 10th August 6-8pm

Reality is a hard word is a body of photographic work that takes the allegory of the cave as a departure point. The cave is an evocative site in the history of representation, mythology and philosophy. For Plato, the cave is the site to discuss the relationship between reality, experience and the nature of representation…. Read More

Upcoming Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions

Lawrence Wallen – On Topographies

Stefan Lie

Todd McMillan and Zoë Sadokierski – ‘End Game Part 1: Possible Cost of Complacency’

Berto Pandolfo

Nicole Kelly – A Path To

Quentin Lambert and Noelia Araya Matus – MAËL AT THE PARK

Jayanto Damanik Tan – Journeys

Vanessa Stockard – Spring

Alun Rhys Jones – Dysmorphia Playground

Cornelis Timmer – All I See is Plastic

Ash Coates – Lurid Language of the Undergrowth

Anke Stäcker – Other Worlds

Rachel Wells – REVERIE – A Place to Contemplate

Kerry Candarakis – ALCHEMY

Art Now Revisited

Fiona White – Juxtapose

Nicole Kelly – Desire and reason

The Strutt Sisters – Let The Chips Fall Where They May

Retrospective of the Late Japanese Artist Yoshio Koaze

Lisa Jones – Milky Eye

Kate Dambach – Pauses

Barry White – Drawn to Chippendale

Alternate Forms


Sarah Mufford – One Between Two

Ochre Lawson – Remnants

Chris Bowman + Michael Day – LIGHT_notations .01

Beric and Julian Henderson – Cosmographica

Emily Hana Johnson – Split

Naomi Chilcott Hero(ine)

Mariola Smarzak – New Works


About Kensington Contemporary

Kensington Contemporary officially opened in September 2015 and has continued to feature an array of talented artists from both the emerging and established arts scene.

Gallery founder and Director Nicky Ginsberg, former director of NG Art Gallery Chippendale, has dedicated over 25 years to invigorating a part of Sydney that now has more creative colour and buzz than ever before.

She continues to be devoted to the local arts scene and continues to cultivate a creative network of talent.

The gallery actively promotes a diverse range of traditional and contemporary mediums that include painting, photography, digital works, sculpture, printmaking, and other works on paper.

Kensington Contemporary is situated in the middle of the vibrant and lively Kensington Street in the heart of Chippendale, and regularly presents fresh and exciting exhibitions for the public to enjoy. It is conveniently located, only a short walk from both Redfern and Central station.

The space is situated in a row of beautifully refurbished historical terrace houses, which provide the perfect home to present to our guests.

Foremost, Kensington Contemporary is intent on inspiring artists to harness their creative energy and inspire both fellow artists and art lovers alike. The gallery is an integral part of the Chippendale Creative Precinct, an organisation that offers a myriad of cultural experiences including gallery and historical tours, prestigious yet relaxed dining experiences and hosts regular festivals that get the whole city talking.

In 2017, Kensington Contemporary is playing host to a year long residency with our Partners from across the road at the UTS Faculty of Design. Featuring a range of mediums and discourses expertly investigated by the leading academics and practitioners from the School of Design, the CCP is delighted to continue its passionate support and commitment to Chippendale’s leading creative talents, while positively promoting the cutting edge work of local institutions such as the University of Technology, Sydney. Notable exhibitors include Stefan Lie, Todd McMillan & Zoe Sadokierski, Prof. Lawrence Wallen and Berto Pandolfo. 

Kensington Contemporary is one of the many intrinsic elements that together, makes the thriving cultural network which is Chippendale Creative Precinct.


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Gallery Closed:

24 December 2016 – 9 January 2017

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Kensington Contemporary has partnered with the UTS Factuly of Design whose academics will be exhibiting with us this year. Kensington Contemporary is therefore unfortunately not accepting exhibition submissions in 2017.